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Includes: 1 musical book featuring 8 catchy nursery rhymes in Mandarin, Chinese.

Description: Sing along to Nursery Rhymes About Animals in Mandarin with Fish Tales & Rhymes! This unique bilingual musical board book makes learning Chinese more immersive and fun through music and reading. Enjoy Nursery Rhymes About Animals as your child presses buttons in the book to listen and sing along to. Let your child explore language through music and movement with Fish Tales & Rhymes.


Songs include:


1. The Ho Family's Rooster / 何家公鸡 / Hé jiā gōng jī.
2. The Good Little Bunny / 小兔儿乖乖  /  Xiǎo tù er guāi guāi.
3. The Tricycle / 三轮车 / Sān lún chē.
4. Two Tigers/ 兩隻老虎 / Liǎng zhī lǎo hǔ.
5. The Elephant / 大象 / Dà xiàng.
6. The Little Mouse On The Lamp Stand / 小老鼠上灯台  / Xiǎo lǎo shǔ shàng dēng tái.
7. The Little Hairy Donkey / 小毛 驴 / Xiǎo máo Lǘ.

8. An Ode To The Goose / 咏鹅 / Yǒng é.

Nursery Rhymes About Animals: Singalong Children's Songs in Mandarin, Chinese.

  • 🌟 Lyrics to support non-fluent Chinese speakers: Lyrics are provided in Chinese simplified characters, English and also pinyin, a phonetics system that will allow even non-fluent Chinese speakers the opportunity to follow.

    🌟 Actual buttons to press: Raised buttons to physically press, gives your child the satisfaction of being able to explore their tactile and physical nature. It also ensures the books will have a longer shelf life so that younger siblings can enjoy later on too.

    🌟 Cute illustrations represent the culturally-diverse families we see and belong to. Illustrations are drawn to represent the culturally-diverse community we live in. Your child can be taken along a fun, cultural journey recognizing food and snacks, symbolic animals and colours that are associated with particular Chinese festivals. Illustrations also highlight the importance of family particularly the elderly within Chinese culture.

    🌟 Catchy songs old and new: songs featured also allow parents to enjoy singing rhymes particularly classic ones that take them back down memory lane when they were a child. Bedtime reading became that little bit more special.

    🌟 Cultivate a love of learning Chinese through an all-immersive experience of reading, music and play at a young age. The books help to nurture a sense of pride as your child realizes how speaking another language helps them better connect with multiple cultures including their own.

    🌟  Nursery Rhymes About Animals is for newborns, babies, toddlers, kids and even adults who want to go down memory lane singing songs they sang as a child.

  • Be sure to visit the US website if books purchased are to be shipped to the US or Canada.

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