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Women's History Month Cinema: Kids’ Films that Celebrate Women and Inspire Inclusion

Dive into must-watch movies with your kids this Women's Month. If you're looking for a great start, we've got you covered with our top picks celebrating women and cultural diversity—here are some picks that my boys and I have enjoyed watching!

1. Mulan

Mulan is a Disney movie based on the legend of a young Chinese woman with the same name. She disguises herself as a man to join the army and protect her family! It's a perfect pick for Women's Month because it celebrates the strength and bravery of its female lead, challenges gender norms, and inspires viewers to embrace their inner warrior. Plus, it beautifully showcases Chinese culture and traditions, teaching audiences about diversity and the importance of standing up for what's right.

Matching Song from our bilingual book: An Ode to Mulan (木兰辞) - Nursery Rhymes About Family

2. Bao

Imagine a heartwarming tale that intertwines the flavors of tradition, the warmth of family, and a touch of magic. In Bao, we meet an older Chinese Canadian mother, whose life takes an extraordinary turn when she prepares a simple yet special dish: steamed dumplings. Little does she know that these dumplings hold a secret – a magical secret that will grant her the opportunity to experience motherhood once again.

Matching Song from our bilingual book: Mothers Are the Best (妈妈好) - Nursery Rhymes About Family

3. Over the Moon

Over the Moon is a heartwarming animated film that takes viewers on an unforgettable journey of love based on an old Chinese legend. The story follows Fei Fei, a young girl who embarks on a magical adventure to prove the existence of the legendary Moon Goddess (Chang'e). Filled with stunning animation, catchy songs, and endearing characters, "Over the Moon" is a touching tale that celebrates the importance of family, friendship, and the belief that anything is possible when you follow your dreams.

Matching Song from our bilingual book: Moonlight (明月光) - Festive Nursery Rhymes

4. Abominable

Women are also known for being agents and catalysts for inclusion and friendship, which is why Abominable made it to our list of movie recommendations for Women's Month. It's a delightful animated adventure that follows the journey of Yi, a spirited young girl, who discovers a young Yeti on her rooftop in Shanghai. Along with her friends, Yi embarks on an epic quest to reunite the magical creature with his family atop Mount Everest. Filled with breathtaking landscapes, heartwarming moments, and a touch of humor, "Abominable" is a heartwarming movie about friendship, family, and the power of believing in the impossible.

Matching Song from our bilingual book: When We Are Together (当我们同在一起) - Festive Nursery Rhymes

5. Turning Red

Turning Red is an animated film set in Toronto that delves into the close bond between a mother and her daughter. Mei Lee, a 13-year-old girl, transforms into a red panda when she feels strong emotions. As Mei faces the ups and downs of growing up and coping with her unique power, she finds solace in the unwavering love of her mother, Ming, who has her own intriguing backstory. With its mix of humor and heartfelt moments, this film offers a touching exploration of the intricate dynamics within mother-daughter relationships, showcasing how love can conquer differences and even magical challenges. Truly a must-watch for moms and daughters during Women's Month!

6. Wish Dragon

While the movie Wish Dragon has a male protagonist, we still highly recommend this movie since it was co-written by incredible Asian women icons in Hollywood such as Constance Wu and Xiao Cao Liu. It's a charming animated film that takes viewers on an enchanting journey through modern-day Shanghai and Chinese culture references, following the story of Din, a spirited young boy who discovers a magical wish-granting dragon named Long.

7. Raya and the Last Dragon

Join Raya, a brave warrior, as she embarks on a journey to find the last dragon, Sisu, and protect her homeland from danger. The movie highlights important lessons about trust, unity, and forgiveness, and it also celebrates strong female characters, showing their courage and leadership. With its empowering message, Raya and the Last Dragon is perfect for Women's Month!

8. Nimona

Looking for girl-power-themed animated films for your kids? This is the one for you. A clash of medieval fantasy and science fiction, Nimona is a 2D movie that is sure to capture the eyes of young girls with creative minds and a desire for adventure. It follows the story of a young lady who can shapeshift, and together with some friends along the way, they combat the injustices brought about by their evil Institution.

9. Whale Rider

Based on a 1987 novel of the same name, Whale Rider is a movie that compels young women to own their space and take every opportunity to make a good impact in the world. The movie follows the story of a young Maori named Paikea, who challenges tradition to fulfill her destiny of leading her tribe despite others looking down on her for being a woman.

These are our top picks for Women's Month, sure to inspire and resonate with every woman and daughter in your family! Are there any other films you know of that promote inclusivity? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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